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Loud noises are the worst. I accidentally dropped a bottle to the table and the sound made me wince from pain. 

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a little love story about mermaids and tattoos

Today I ate one and a half potato and my plate wasn’t even half empty, and I felt bad because I couldn’t eat anymore. 

And suddenly my partner hugged me and said, “You did really good, I’m so proud of you!” 

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  • Person: Have you seen that episode where...
  • Me: I have seen every episode, go on

Yeah, I’ve been a bit away from my computer for couple of days, because my body decides that almost everything I eat must make my stomach hurt like hell and kindly let’s me have the joy of spending next couple of hours in the bathroom…  I also feel sick for about 4-6 hours after eating and my joints hurt. 

I’m hungry, I’m cranky, everything hurts and I have no idea what to do. 

Chicken(plain chicken goes but only a little, so maybe it’s the sauce), pork, beef, bread(!!! rye and wheat breads), potatoes(!!), pasta. Those are the ingredients that make me feel extremely sick every time I eat them. 

Any advice or ideas?

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I hope Miss Claudette is okay.

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First I take huge steps and get my eating habits closer to normal and then suddenly ED/SH just grabs me and tackles me down like no tomorrow… Fuck this… 

I’m still upset that the airbed we bought under three months ago just suddenly decides that it deflates every three hours. We can’t find any leaks and it started doing it in the middle of the day when both of us hadn’t even visited the bedroom for like 10 hours. WTF? 

Sooo, a new one it is. I hope they would give us a new one for this because we still have the receipt.

Or then 100 euros off our budget this month. Whis is about 35-40% of it atm. Because we have to get the fucking thing. Because we have to sleep on something. 

Is there some kind of a curse or something? I’m not even fully recovered from my shitty two weeks of blood and pain mixed with nausea and bacterial infections. 

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